After fishing Friday evening with a buddy of mine (Amy was supposed to be out of town-that’s not how I spend most Friday nights!) we shared some good pizza and beer. During dinner I had the opportunity to further cordially share the gospel with him.

One thing really stuck with me: since I listened to him, he told me that he was glad to listen to me. He said something to the effect of “I can talk with you about this kind of stuff.”

He contrasted me with the angry fundamentalist friend, with whom he DOES NOT and CANNOT enter into dialog. Now there are some serious hang-ups with science and faith, so I suggested The Reason For God. He said he would be up for reading some of that, so we’ll see. If I learned anything, listening and love (fishing=love to both of us) opens doors for pleasant and reasonable gospel conversation. Even when you bring it up without the smooth gospel transitions like I placed on the church resource table this past Sunday!

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