Drag Me to Hell

I’ve seen several previews for the new horror thriller Drag Me to Hell. Now I shan’t be seeing this movie because it looks a bit too scary for my tastes. But I wasn’t too scared to read a few reviews. Here’s a review that really unearths something more scary and far more devastating than any of the computer generated images.

…..The tag line to the movie is “even good people go to hell,” not in America. In America, when we make a mistake and atone for it, we’re saved. Yes, we have to go through hell to clean up our mess, but we don’t stay there…not in America. All the characters in the movie seem to support this theory, but so what. They put up a valiant fight, and create a to do list for her that will chill you to the bone. As one character said, “You’ll be surprised at what you’ll do to keep from going to hell.” Christine fights diligently for her life; she’s a good person at heart that made a bad decision. Everybody makes mistakes. But I guess if you’ve got to make a bad decision make sure it doesn’t involve a person that can cast an evil curse on you and drag you kicking and screaming into hell.

In the movie the main character can’t atone for her specific sin. Not even by confessing it. But I think the really scary part is the attitude espoused in this review: in America we don’t deserve to go to Hell, and we ourselves can atone for our own sins. Thus America doesn’t see its need for Jesus. That’s the really scary part and another motivation for evangelism.

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