Well, even if the Cleveland Indians took down the Rays for like the 14th straight time in Cleveland, the Orlando Magic were able to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in OT last evening. Of course Cavalier guard Mo Williams guaranteed victory.

First of all, guaranteeing victory is kind of like saying, “You are definitely having a boy.” You have a 50/50 shot at it, so if you are correct, that doesn’t say too much about your skills does it?

And 2nd of all, much like guessing the sex of the baby, you really have no control over what comes out. There are other factors at play like Dwight Howard making free throws or whether Lebron James get the foul call 90 % or 95% of the times he touches the ball.

You can’t guarantee something when you don’t have total control of the outcome. But Mr. Williams won’t be the last person to guarantee victory and be wrong, or people guarantee a boy and be right. It’s just that there are some things which cannot be guaranteed, and to guarantee them reduces your credibility even when you’re right.

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