More than words but not less than words

Extreme sang a song called “More than Words,” about proving your love with actions, not just saying you love someone. But while love is more than words, it is also not less than words. Let me give you an example.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and it was quite a good day for me. It started out with Amy making blueberry waffles, then on to the sermon, then back home to watch the Rays win with my neighbor. While we were watching the game in the sweltering heat in his garage, he received a phone call from his sons who live in Port Charlotte most of the time.

Fortunately for me he speaks in English when talking with them on the phone so I could understand what they were saying. I was astounded at the number of times he told his sons, “I love you so much.” He reassured both of them, both of whom are completely different from each other, they could rest assure his future love would be the same as his present love.

Perhaps Puerto Rican fathers are by nature more outwardly affectionate. Perhaps they are more verbally affectionate as well. Whether it was simply my neighbor, or their culture in general, I learned that you never desist in telling (not just displaying) your kids, “I love you so much.” Even when, and especially when, they are teenagers. How important it is at that time to know your father loves you?

A good Father’s Day indeed. More than words, but not less than words.

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