The Bucket List and my tears

The other day I cried. It had been a while since I cried, I think. But The Bucket List did me in. Now obviously with a name like the The Bucket List just as in The Titanic, you know somebody is going to die (ashamedly I cried in the latter as well).

But The Bucket List was really not what I expected. It has Morgan Freedman and Jack Nicholson, so I ought to have expected something good. I mean those two, at least apart, have put out some good flicks together (we’ll forgive Freedman for Hard Rain). The Bucket List really raises some great questions as the two even have a dialog where Freedman defends the existence of God through creation. It also exposes the allure of possessing everything while really having nothing.

What got me was that Freedman was a professing Christian, said grace at dinner, defended God, was faithful to his wife, stood up for the truth, but only pointed Nicholson to be a better person. Now I’m not expecting Fireproof; I’m not expecting a gospel presentation. But it just gets me so sad when people come so close to the point where they recognize their need for Jesus, and yet miss him. And those who could share something, don’t.

That’s what sent me crying for a 1/2 hour with the The Christmas Shoes movie. Not just that someone died, but that Jesus was totally absent in the movie (but present in the song which inspired the movie).

I just really need to cry more for those around me who don’t know Christ instead of using my tears on a movie. I definitely don’t want to repeat the same tragedy that makes me cry on the screen.

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