A "friends" post

This is an interesting post/interview about churches, both large and small, by my friend Ed Stetzer. Don’t you love how people, especially pastor bloggers, like to name drop and say “my friend _______(insert big name ministry leader)?” Actually, I should clarify: he is not my friend, but my “friend” on facebook. Anyhow, the book in question is called 10 Stupid Things That Keep a Church From Growing: How Leaders Can Overcome Costly Mistakes and written by a dude named Geoff. So with a man who spells “Geoff” the original way, the book must be good read. At least the interview is.

One thought on “A "friends" post

  1. I did not read the entire interview you posted, but it seems to contain a lot of wisdom. Sounds like the man learned from his mistakes.I was struck with his first comment:"1. Don't plant a church unless there is nothing else you can do. If you could be happy pastoring an existing church or working on staff at a church or researching other churches, then that is what you should do. Church planting is incredibly hard and should only be attempted by people so passionate that they can't imagine doing anything else."I've never been comfortable with such reasoning. It's kind of silly, really. Some guys happy at doing other things maybe NEED to be shaken out of their comfort and sent to where their gifts could be used to start a new work. But the other thing that struck me was this: I'm not sure that church planting is at the top of the 'incredibly hard' list. I have had people tell me that revitalizing an existing church is so far up on the incredibly hard list that it nearly topples off the edge into the impossible pile!

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