The Right Questions?

Here is an interesting report by my “facebook friend” Ed Stetzer (I really wonder if he’d even remember meeting me at the National Outreach Convention; facebook actually told him he had too many friends, so maybe I’ll be ‘de-friended!). The report deals with whether or not evangelistic approaches are asking/answering questions that unbelievers are actually asking or concerned about. From the results of the study, it does appear that the 80’s-90’s “What would happen if you died tonight” kind of questions are immediately relevant to fewer and fewer people today.

As a result, evangelism ought to be contextualized to answer the questions people ARE asking. Read the report to find out the most common question.

Now each person is different, and in Bradenton this may be a very relevant question to some. However, it is not relevant to all and needn’t be the first question you try to answer for every unbeliever.

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