What would it take, God’s One and Only Pet?

Well the moment many people were waiting for finally came last week: Micheal Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. PETA people, who I just don’t understand, are very disappointed at the signing. Serving two years in prison, forfeiting millions of dollars, and being subject to shame and ridicule could not atone for his sins. I don’t know what else this lad needs to do to demonstrate repentance.

Nevertheless, in some ways they are right: nothing can atone for sins except the sacrifice of a sinless Savior. Working to pay a debt doesn’t “work” when it comes to the debt of sin. Perhaps PETA sees his work with The Humane Society as his effort to try and atone for his behavior, and not as a truly repentant desire to fight animal abuse.

But I wonder in their eyes, how can someone be forgiven, particularly from animal abuse? Would God need to send his one and only “pet” to be scorned, shamed, tortured and put to death by pet owners, only to rise again? Would this then atone for all sins against pets, those sins committed before and after the sacrifice of His one and only “pet?” Could Micheal Vick then be forgiven?

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