Soccer punching

Soccer can be quite a violent sport. It really can. Of course most of the real violence, like killing people, is left to the fans. But women’s soccer? Yep, on the field at least, it can be even more violent. If you’ve not seen these highlights of New Mexico defender Elizabeth Lambert, whose smile belies her aggressive play, click here. This is quite amazing. Sometimes I wish I would have had the talent to play college sports. But then I watch this video and am thankful I didn’t; I’m sure this would have been me instead on SportsCenter.

6 thoughts on “Soccer punching

  1. Girls are meaner in sports than boys–I think they often resort to dirty trickery when they can't win through legitimate means. I'm not sure what has bred that sort of mindset but I've found that in hockey. The meanest players weren't the guys, but the girls who had no problems punching and elbowing their way through games. And mean in a way that doesn't even accomplish anything.

  2. Watch it there, Geoff, or some mean soccer punching girl will come after you for your previous post:"It's kind of like a guy playing basketball against a girl. If he wins, he really can't feel all that proud of himself; he ought to have won. No glory in that. And if he loses, wow, he lost to a girl; that's worse than just losing."Or perhaps, some not-quite-so-mean girl will think, "well, all good points, but maybe you should say "toddler" and not "girl." 🙂 G

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