Orange you glad the Bucs wore Orange?

Well today I can proudly wear my Bucs shirt to the gym. They finally got off the snide, ending their 11 game losing streak, by beating their former hated rivals the Green Bay Packers. Literally when Tampa used to win a game against any team, people would drive down the street, honking their horns, yelling, “Green Bay stinks (although they wouldn’t use that word)!” So obviously it was nice to beat the Packers, who haven’t won in Tampa in a number of years. Not only that, but they did it wearing their ugly throwback creamsicle orange/white/red uniforms. It was one win, and they are now 1-7. But at that moment yesterday, they might as well have been 7-1. A comeback, a blocked punt for a touchdown, a 2 point conversion, a 4th down touchdown to take the lead, an interception return for a touchdown to end the game. A special day indeed.

Looks like Coach Raheem Morris’ “union with Josh” may have afforded him another year of coaching. But then again, it’s one game. Teams will now have film on the 21 year old QB. But then again, the whole town had forgotten what it’s like to win a football game. Now we remember.

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