Agassi "Opening up"

Confession can definitely be cathartic. It feels good to get stuff off your chest. In Andre Agassi’s new book Open he confesses to a lot of things like doing Crystal Meth, and wearing a wig. I’m still bummed that hair wasn’t real. And unless he apologizes to me personally, I shan’t forgive that one!

Part of the reason he confesses is that it is cathartic. He mentioned as such on a Jim Rome interview. But part of the reason he confesses is that such confessions sell books. No one wants to read a book about someone if they’re not going to confess something juicy. We could all fill a book with secret confessions that would either sell like hot cakes or make people think we should be shot. I, like Steve Brown, who recently preached at Hope, won’t pick up another biography unless there’s some dirt revealed. Otherwise it’s just not believable.

Anyhow, here’s some thoughts I have on Agassi’s Open, which does sound like it would be a good read-and there’s plenty of dirt. I wonder how cathartic confession really is if there is no One in specific to whom you’re confessing…I wonder how cathartic it could be if there is no One who can declare that you are in fact forgiven, and no one else gets a vote…

Now I’m not expecting Augustine’s Confessions, but I would be interested to know the answer from Andre to these questions. Should I buy and read the book, I shall definitely see and post how he may answer them.

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