Patience in Tampa?

10 days before the Bucs started this miserable season, they fired the offensive coordinator. 10 weeks into the season, they demoted their defensive coordinator. The only one on the staff with head coaching experience. I think someone with the patience of a toddler is running this organization. I could see Connar firing the defensive coordinator and replacing him with someone else with ZERO NFL play calling or head coaching experience. But an adult?

Patience is definitely not natural, but it is the fruit of the spirit (Gal 2:22). I need to learn from the Bucs and repent regularly when I expect myself, others (including Connar) to change immediately. This is one year, I don’t want to emulate anything the Bucs are doing.

Fortunately for the believer, we don’t get demoted, fired, or kicked out of the family. Trying to be a more patient person doesn’t work; it never has. However, reflecting on this truth has helped me in the past and is a well that we can’t run to enough.

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