God’s Word and beatdown

Last year before the national championship game I blogged about Tim Tebow’s eye black scripture verses, and how I wasn’t really a fan of Phil 4:13 due to its chronic mis-intrepretation. Now my blog readership is quite small, but that post did actually get me interviewed by a big time newspaper writer for the Kansas City Star. Unfortunately I wasn’t quoted.

While I may not have been a fan of the use of Phil 4:13, I am a huge fan of Tebow’s scriptural accouterments. Each time he plays, thousands of people google those things-and I’m assuming these are people who don’t have bibles or who don’t use them regularly.

Anyhow, during the blowout win against FSU, the CBS announcer actually read the scripture verse Hebrews 12:12. It actually seemed to go well with Tebow’s fumble. The only problem was that Tebow had “Hebrews 12:1-2.” Some 10 minutes later, the CBS announcer apologized and read Hebrews 12:1 to all the viewers! Now he skipped verse 2, which mentions Jesus by name, but hey, not bad. All because of his eye black.

I’m not a Gator fan to put it mildly, but at least I heard God’s Word read while I watched a terrible FSU beat down. Could have been worse I guess….

2 thoughts on “God’s Word and beatdown

  1. I am a SC Gamecock fan, therefore, I have an innate disdain for everything Gator. I even had a really hard time accepting Spurrier as our coach.With Tebow, I now find myself pulling for the Gators. I am so blessed to watch this superstar do his thing with excellence and humility. I would be a fan solely because of his aggressive play, but his testimony makes it all the more fun.God bless Tebow.

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