Non traditional takes on traditions

Once again, another Thanksgiving. And once again much to be thankful for. And once again, one thing NOT to be thankful for. The now surging 2-8 Detroit Lions, coming off A victory in which they lost their starting QB and WR, will probably once again grace America’s living rooms with another terrible Turkey Day football game.

The Lion’s players don’t like playing on Thanksgiving (though their owner does); America doesn’t like seeing them play, so why this match from Hades? The answer can be summed up and read, or sung, with one word: “tradition.” That’s it.

Sometimes traditions can be quite helpful and bring people together. I’ll always fondly remember our family Xmas tradition of going to get a Xmas tree and then going to eat at the same Steak-N-Shake where my mom met my dad when she was on a date and the dude ran over his foot.

But sometimes traditions need to be changed (I love our fake tree and I think my parents love their fake tree now as well), and this is one of them. When a tradition’s sole reason for existence is simply that it is a tradition, it might be a good time to tweak it or scrap it and start another.

I’m looking forward to starting some family traditions with Connar and Amy. However when a tradition outlives its usefulness, I hope that I don’t give the same answer to Connar that America gets when we ask why we get stuck with watching another terrible Lions game: “because it’s tradition.”

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