What uncertainty should do

Despite winning the last two games in a row (I guess that’s as good a winning streak as we hoped to see this year), Buccaneers football coach Raheem Morris has had to field questions about his job security. There are many rumors suggesting the Bucs are interested in bringing in Bill Cowher, former Super Bowl winning coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But Raheem has repeatedly confessed he is simply going to work as usual and will coach as though he’ll be around longer.

This is really the same kind of attitude Christians are to have in regards to the Return of the King (Jesus). In regards to when Christ will return, since we’ll know neither the day or the hour (Matt 25:13), we’re to be busy discipling others (25:15-ff) and working hard in our jobs.

Uncertainty of the future shouldn’t make us stop working, become slothful or sensational, but keep working hard until the end. Even though I’d love to see Cowher, Raheem does set for us a great example.

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