Back on again

Well its been a long time since I’ve got “my blog on.” Today is the first semi-normal day on the job (everything will only be semi-normal until Amy and Connar get up here on Friday, and then only after we find a house/condo to rent….) so I’m hoping to get back up and running.

I was introduced to the church yesterday and so met a ton of folks; I’m just going to have to work hard to get all of the names. For those of you who are not my “friends” on facebook, here are some pics of what life “looks” like here in Hurricane WV. Hasn’t been above freezing yet, and I think its snowed everyday. Actually its snowed most every hour with a break yesterday. But its going to pick back up today.

Here are some pics of my poor car, which has done surprisingly well, even while driving in the snow. I kind of like it. And the condo which one fantastic couple has graciously allowed me to stay in.

I should be back up to speed and posting regularly from here on out. At least that’s the plan. Hope everyone is doing OK. Keep me posted. Peace.

7 thoughts on “Back on again

  1. It FEELS like it's not above freezing here; and we don't have the added plus of fresh white snow to make things pretty.Still, we are grateful for a warm dwelling, clothing, blankets, food… Praying for you, Amy, Connar; and for the house to sell.The E's

  2. So good to hear from you via your post! I don't envy you the snow except for the picture post card scenery. It's cold! Get ready for the snow pants, wet mittens, snow angels, snow men….. Praying for a warm hearth and home for you, Amy, and Connar and the sell of your home here. G

  3. Thanks Gus and Adri, Gail and Keith.Definitely appreciate the prayers. I need to grow in my faith, simply trusting thee Lord Jesus. Hard stuff.Snowing more today. I think it only hasn't snowed one day since I've been here. Baptism by Snow. Immersion, not sprinking though!

  4. Alexandra,All of the snow has melted! I'm not too upset about it. I'm sure Connar will get plenty of chances to play in the snow and we'll post some new pics. Hope the Bush family is doing well.

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