Big Mac

Well, for those baseball fans who already knew that Mark McGwire used performance enhancing drugs, he finally actually admitted it. When testifying before Congress, he coined the infamous phrase, “I don’t want to talk about the past.” Translation: I used drugs. In a recent interview McGwire finally fessed up to it. Kind of.

Apparently he took the HGH (human growth hormone) simply to make him recover from injury faster, and had nothing to do with his then record breaking 70 homers. Hmmmm………Now none of us can confirm or deny his simply-t0-recover-motivation (that one’s getting old), but performance enhancing drugs usually enhance performance. I think that’s where they get their name…

Again, I don’t know his real motivation, but since 99 % of athletes simply lie, it is hard to believe. Regardless, this is a good reminder to all of us of what shallow repentance looks like. “I did ______, but its not like you think…..” Chapter 2 in the book of Jeremiah gives us a great picture of what sin really is: forsaking the stream of living water and THEN building broken wells to replace that stream.

The more and sooner we admit what sin really is-that it is an attempt to get an edge in life and find a temporary replacement god-the more and sooner we can get back to the stream of delight and living water (Isa 55, John 4). Skip the honest weeping and you’ll skip joy and delight when you realize how loving and forgiving and glorious our Father really is.

On a baseball end, I think we should at least appreciate Big Mac’s admission to some extent. But I’m still waiting for the dude who says, “I just wanted to enhance my performance.” Bonds, Clemens, are you next?

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