Gaines is gone

During a few minutes of my 15 hour trek up to West Virginia, I heard a radio ad for a gym advertise, “So come in and be in charge of the one thing you CAN control: your body.” Hmmm…..We all love the idol of control, don’t we?

Yesterday, Gaines Adams, a former 1st round (#4 overall) in 2007 draft of the Buccaneers died at age 26 from an enlarged heart. Click here to check out the story. Strange how some athletes in tip-top shape seem to die early (he was the 2nd one this week) from heart issues while I don’t ever remember a coach (and some of the lads are quite big because they work 100 hours in a week and don’t have time to sneeze much less exercise) passing away due to heart issues. Sometimes it makes you wonder the value of cardio-vascular exercise (at least over weight training)….

Though I was glad to see Gaines get traded to the Bears earlier this year, it is definitely a sad day for the Bucs’ and Adams family.

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