Opened and Closed

I always find myself in a little quagmire when finishing a book. Two nights ago I finished Andre Agassi’s autobiography called Open. Since I don’t read quickly, I always consider finishing a book a great accomplishment, and one I look forward to it with great anticipation. However once I’m done, and don’t have another book to read with me, I’m stuck watching Sports Center highlights I don’t care much about (it always takes me a little bit to transition from football to either of the “b-balls or Animal Planet).

Anyhow, Agassi’s book Open, is exactly that: open. He appears as a man who has few secrets about himself, as well as others. The book sheds light into Pete Sampras’ tipping practices, short marriage to Brooke Shields, the unlikeable Jimmy Connors, as well as an overbearing father that drove him to excel but also hate tennis.

There’s even a decent amount of info on the infamous IMG Bolieterri Academy in Bradenton for the folks down there.

I thought Agassi would include a bit more of the spiritual side (aside from blasting Michael Chang for his praise of Jesus after victories) of his life and supposed conversion. But aside from that, I wasn’t disappointed one bit. I’m not a tennis fan, and barely know the rules; now I have a huge respect for what he calls the “loneliest” sport.

Agassi appears a fascinating and surprisingly deep man, filled with anxieties of a normal person: not the oldest player to be ranked #1. I highly recommend this book regardless of whether or not you like tennis or even sports.

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