weather or not to be happy…

Two out of three days I tried to open my car door and couldn’t. Frozen shut again….And so I began reflecting.

People used to pray to a weather god, and Connar’s people (he’s 1/8 Pahmunkey Indian as you may know him by his tribal name “Dances with Stars”) probably did rain dances to a weather god to get some precipitation going. But I think many of us still look to the god of weather. Although not like this god on the left, which, I’ll let you imagine what he’s doing….

I’m beginning to realize how much I look to the heavens for more than sunshine and warmth but for happiness and comfort. Sometimes my days can begin good or bad based simply upon weather. And two things I’ve not come across up here during this West Virginia winter are sunshine and warmth.

I never realized how much of a god weather could become. Family, Fishing and Football maybe, but weather?

Now I’m not saying there is not legitimacy to that type of depression caused by not seeing the sun. And its fine to hate the rain (I never get those people who like it). But for many of us, I wonder if more often than not, weather has become what we look to for life, happiness, and comfort instead of Jesus who controls even the “winds and sea (Matt 8:27).

One more god for Jesus to do battle with on my behalf. Fortunately he’s been winning and I’m beginning to laugh when the car door gets stuck and I need to go get some hot water simply to open it. Flip-flops and sunshine will simply be put on hold for a bit, but I’m slowly learning to smile without them.

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