Brees’ calling

Well as I write this, it is snowing. Again. All day. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll see the SUN return before the SON returns. It’s definitely the former who will give us hope in all this weather.

Anyhow, I wanted to comment on Drew Brees‘ Super Bowl reflection. Most responses to sporting victories are about as deep as a kiddie pool-though not as warm-but Brees’ reflection over the last several years caught my attention as something substantial. He referred to coming to New Orleans as a calling.

Not simply a lucrative job or career (though it is that), but a calling.

Sometimes ministers will say, “I’ve taken a call,” since a congregation will offer the position to the man they feel has a called by God.

But I really like Brees referring to his job as a Quarterback as a “calling.” But it’s not just for ministers or quarterbacks. Its for all of us.

Gordon McDonald in his book Ordering Your Private World challenged folks to consider the career as a “calling.” If it is not something you have been called to, it will become something in which you are driven. And if all you have is drive, and not call, you’ll be trying to please someone. Perhaps a father, perhaps keeping up with a friend, enemy, or an image of success. You really can’t relax. And you’ll neglect other areas of calling such as call to be parents, spouses, friends, and community blessing. Oh how those can be quickly forgotten when we are simply driven to win.

Included in Brees’ calling is the opportunity to bless his community (which should sound familiar to us-Gen 12) and serve the New Orleans area in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Brees, like most QB’s, probably won’t win too many Super Bowls. But I have a feeling his sense of call will supersede simple success on the field.

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