Tiger, Elin and Gomer?

Tiger is not totally out of the Woods yet, as far as sponsors, golfing, and marriage go. But apparently he is training and planning on a return to golf and family life. He’ll probably be back on the golf course without missing a beat because there aren’t many more focused athletes on the planet.

Back with the wife again, well, maybe. According to this article, he recently spent time in marriage counseling with wife Elin. I’m kind of thankful I’m not that marriage counselor, for a number of reasons, one being that I’m not real hopeful this marriage will make it. Focus on the golf course doesn’t translate to deep heart change, especially at the level of motivation.

But part of me-the part which forgets how unqualified I am to do such counseling-thinks it an opportune and apropos time to share the story of the gospel.

Of course the husband-wife roles are semi-reversed, and instead of a man-whore, you see prophet Hosea’s wife Gomer (not a really flattering name is it) continually running from her faithful husband. Hosea has to chase her down, prying her away from the arms of other lovers.

The story, as you may know is an allegory of God’s faithful pursuit of his whoring bride Israel/Church. A wife who gives herself to lesser pleasures and “gods” instead of remaining in the arms of a God who continually chases her down and truly offers lasting satisfaction (Isa 55) and fulfillment (John 4).

I’d say Tiger, “What you’ve done, is kind of like how we’ve all responded to an initiating and pursuing God, who is also Holy. However, he does offer payment and forgiveness in His Son and a promise of restoration in the relationship between God and others. Even though Elin has every right not to welcome you back-and she totally does-there is still hope for you to receive a new record, start, heart, and family.”

Yep, that’s what I think I’d say.

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