Office family baby

Last night, after struggling to get Connar to bed for a while, Amy, my Mom, and I sat down to watch our first “Office,” in the new place. Two of the characters, Pam and Jim, who met on the show, got pregnant on the show, married on the show, headed to the hospital at the last possible second to deliver their baby.

But it wasn’t just them: the family came with them. Well, the office family. Michael, the boss, even stepped into the delivery room in between Pam’s pushing. Of course when he encountered the mess of child birth, he immediately about-faced to the waiting room where the rest of the office remained. One man was even dispatched to the house to retrieve an I-pod, and instead decided to remove the mold and put in some new cabinets.

Only Pam’s mother showed up in person to see the baby. One of Pam’s friends showed up as well, but for the most part it was just the office crowd. Seems like quite a departure from a “Seinfeldian” family or family of “Friends.” Perhaps there is nothing to the lack of nuclear family support, but it definitely seems like a new kind of family has emerged. And for those who have no church family, what other type of “family” could they hope for?

Perhaps office based TV shows have in the past tried to depict a family feel, but I’m not aware of another one that seems to both ‘preach’ and model such a family feel.

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