If now "it is what it is," what about later?

I think we’re up to FIVE sunny days in a row in West Virginia now. Crazy. Crazy good though.

Anyhow, after reading through some new testament epistles for my devotional time, I’m now going old school and hitting up Nehemiah. One thing which struck me was how difficult it would have been to see your home town Jerusalem, at one time the most unique and blessed city in the world, now in ruins.

How overwhelming it must have been to swing the first hammer and hit the first nail? I can only imagine how difficult that would be unless you had in your head a clear picture of what it could become.

Imagining what a city, church, person COULD become-if God showed up-seems like the only way one could hopefully labor in rebuilding cities like Haiti or Chile, or in leading a family or a church.

That’s one of the things that the book of Revelation brings to the table. In chapter 21, John gives us a picture of a heavenly city coming down to Earth (the full completion of God’s Kingdom and work in the world) and a beautiful bride descending (the church made unfiied, beautiful, and complete). Amidst your laboring, and wherever you do it, make sure you take a few moments, every so often, to see what WILL happen one day.

If now “It is what it is,” (which might be the most overused expression in the world), one day, “It will be what it will be.”

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