What difference does your theology make?

Well I need to amend my last post about leaving for a more capacious condo. Some mis-communication between a husband who had already promised the place to fire-displaced family, and a wife who was promising to lease the place to a smoke-displaced family (us) ended up leaving us on the short end. I guess in the smoke, fire, ash (like rock-scissors-paper) world, fire beats smoke every time.

Unfortunately I just found out last night while driving home from Chic-Fil-A. I was going to sign the lease less than 12 hours later. That was one of the harder phone calls I’ve taken in some time.

I now get to see if my theology really makes a difference in my life. The landlord has already had our place all but leased, and the condo’s in the area are just more money for much of the same. Decisions have to be made soon and there is no handwriting on the wall.

I profess a God who is Sovereign and in control of all aspects of life and yet one who is also Immanent: he even knows and cares about the decreasing number of hairs on my head. So in other words, do I actually believe what I say I believe. Do we? Or do we, like Miracle Max in the Princess Bride, “partly” or “mostly” believe? I doubt any of us believe as much as we think we believe.

I slept well last night. I’m hoping to make it two in a row. But there are also hours in the day where I have to believe. If you are like me and have trouble “fully” believing, you/we are in “luck.” I have to go back to this passage a lot: Mark 9:24-“I believe; help my unbelief!”
I’m glad Mark recorded that one.

Jesus accepts “part” and messy belief and does something with it. Fortunately.

2 thoughts on “What difference does your theology make?

  1. Geoff, so sorry. Rebekah can easily understand your frustrations with a smoke-filled apartment. In her first apartment the heavy smoker next door's smoke came through the vents so that even her hair smelled like stale cigarette smoke. Repeated requests for her to smoke outside on the little porch mostly fell on deaf ears. She and Jedidiah now share a different apartment in the same complex. Praying for a home for you. G

  2. Gail,Thanks so much for the prayers. I don't have enough hair to have it stay in my hair!Glad they're doing well in their new place. We just paid for another month, and hope we can find a house within that time. We'll see….

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