Husbandly prayers a comin soon

Someone suggested I do a series on praying for wives. I responded favorably to this person, because, quite frankly, she has good ideas. Second of all, she’s been thinking through this in large part due to her re-reading A Praying Life, which is the best darn book on prayer I’ve ever read. I recommend you check it out. Before too long, I’m going to try to get something going at Redeemer which studies this book.

Third of all, I need to do a better job of specifically praying for my lovely wife Amy. I don’t say that with false humility, as though I really pray an hour a day for her and just “feel” like its not enough. I need to grow in this area because the enemy would love to bring her down (bring her down to China town like Robert Deniro in Meet the Parents), especially here in WV, where the god of this age has blinded the hearts of many from the gospel in favor of a be-good and try-hard, rules-first type false gospel. He’s not happy we’re here as I’ve been warned (after I signed on of course!) and experienced.

Anyhow, as a result of these posts, I feel like I’ll be more structured and intentional in doing battle with the Spirit for the heart of Amy: that she would fully delight in the gospel. For husbands reading these posts, I hope that it will beneficial to you in praying for your wives. I don’t consider myself an authority on anything outside of using artificial jerkbaits for snook in shallow water grass flats on an outgoing tide.

So I welcome your comments on praying for your wives. Please comment.

For wives, I hope these posts can encourage you to expect bigger prayer from your husbands. We men are always running from real sacrificial leadership-either running over by dominating or by running away to work or hobbies. We need to be challenged by our wives. We should have no problem with our wives coming up to us and saying, “How seriously are you praying for me, my heart, my challenges, my world, etc…”

So I hope women will boldly approach their husbands, parents, siblings, male friends, and expect bigger things.

Finally, Amy will be guest blogging, and discussing how women can better pray for their husbands. I’m really excited about this. Should be fun ya’ll.

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