Goodell for Pope?

Some of my pre-West VA blog followers respected this man Myron Rolle for choosing to go to Oxford instead of entering the NFL draft last year. I’m not sure I would have taken that route, but he’ll get to see exactly how much it helped/hurt him this weekend as the NFL draft starts tonight.

This former FSU Rhodes Scholar athlete, made smaller news this week by praising the NFL commissioner for punishing Ben Rothlesberger, calling the move “awesome.” Sheriff Goodell suspended “Big Ben” for 6 games this season for his involvement with an under-age lass in a Georgia nightclub. Since the law provides so many loopholes for wealthy athletes, and sometimes gets undercut by yahoo cops, who actually resign after investigations (that’s what happened with Rothlesberger’s latest case), it doesn’t always provide justice. At least one cannot escape a lesser justice from the NFL.

Maybe the Pope could get some pointers from Goodell in cleaning up the priesthood, as the NFL seem to be quite aggressive in filling in where the law falls short. Maybe the papacy should be his next stop?

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