"T" is for Trust

And the grand finale of them all, the much anticipated (even more so than the Series Finale of Lost-which I hope that at least one of my questions will be answered), the final letter “T” in PRE-HEAT. I will say that this acronym (Staci, thanks for suggesting I do something on prayer) has helped me to be specific and well rounded in my wifely prayers. Though I’ve missed a “letter” here and there, it will serve as a great tool to keep me on track and stay consistent and persistent in prayer.

The final “T” is for Trust.

As for Amy, myself, and probably many of us, trusting the Lord can be a hard thing. Trusting your husband-who is fallible and sinful, yet called to lead-can be even harder. Yet the two often go hand-in-hand, especially for those who’ve had to leave the Great State or any state they consider great.

And don’t forget the trust involved in child-rearing, in leading Sunday School, in discipleship. Is it all a waste of time; will God bless your ministry in some way if the word is going forth? Trust that you made the right decision when it was at best a “gray” area. Trust that He has your sanctification and best interest in mind in His foreordaining all things which come to pass. If you tend to be overly analytical like me, the list of things to trust can go on and on.

Amy gets hung up on details-because she sees them and I don’t. I get hung up on bigger picture stuff because that’s what I see. So know what keeps your wife up at night and pray for her trust to grow; it could be something totally different than what feeds your worry.

So that concludes my PRE-HEAT acronym, which will give you one thing each day around which to center your wifely or womanly prayers. Hope it helps. If it doesn’t, scrap it.

4 thoughts on “"T" is for Trust

  1. Staci,Thanks for suggesting me do something like this, and thanks for passing it on. It has really helped me to be more consistent in praying for Amy because I need some loose structure in this area.Hope ya'll are doing OK. Miss you guys!

  2. Hi Geoff,Thanks for posting this series. I came across your site tonight after googling "how to avoid idolatry" because of a question I'm facing. Great posts, on this topic and other topics. Thanks again.Tim

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