Big "busts" and I cannot lie…

A few years ago, a quarterback out of LSU named JaMarcus Russell entered the NFL as the number 1 overall draft pick of the Oakland Raiders. He held out for more money his rookie year, and ended up missing at least half the season. It only went downhill from there as he was just released, and now stands to be considered the biggest draft bust of all time. I wonder if that does anything to one’s psyche?

I mean if I were considered the biggest bust of an assistant pastor of all time, or you were considered the biggest bust of an accountant, businessmen, doctor, contractor, mom, what would that label do to you? That could be tough.

It’s tough to be thought of as a “bust,” yet the apostle Paul reminds us of good news for all “busts.” In Phil 3, all of the accolades and praise of man he achieved and received, are now counted as “rubbish.” Some have translated this more as “crap” then trash. Regardless, the important part is that the commendation of Christ via his credited righteousness makes being a bust small potatoes.

And this is written from a Jamarcus Russell type rabbi working his way up toward the Jewish hall of fame. After following Christ, he would also have been labeled a “bust” by all of his peers, family, countrymen. I think that’s worth considering.

But who knows what God is doing when we fail and are labeled a bust. While Jesus was “failing” and being considered a bust, even by scumbag criminals, God the Father was really doing something quite amazing. Check out what was happening behind the scenes: “He disarmed the rulers and authorities, putting them to open shame by triumphing over them in him (Christ)” Col 2:15.

The gospel is indeed good news for busts, no matter how big.

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