You can’t go from hotdog participant to spectator

The 4th of July means a number of different things to a number of different people. But to those willing to brave the heat and masses in New York, the day represents “the Masters” of the competitive eating world: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Instead of a Green jacket, you get an equally classy yellow “mustard belt.”
The Japanese lad Kobayashi, who used to eat his competition for lunch (last time I watched competitive eating, Chestnut played 2nd fiddle), had some contractual issues and didn’t participate. Well his fans probably reminisced of the days of yore where partially chewed hot dogs would slide down his esaphogus like kids on a slip-n-slide.
This nostalgic cheers prompted him to promptly pop up on stage and join his old competition. Police didn’t think it was such a good idea and took him to jail. 

While he probably should have signed the contract to participate, or simply stayed away, he did prove that competitive eating is not only a spectator sport. Much like tasting the gospel, it becomes impossible for someone to move from participant to spectator.

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