Homosexuality in The Village

The other day I listened to a good talk on homosexuality (with Q and A) by pastor Matt Chandler. He’s the lead pastor of a multi-site mega-church in Texas called The Village. Chandler begins by explaining his hesitancy to speak at all on this issue-for fear that people would already follow their sinful hearts in elevating it above other sins like adultery. He also admits to having several actively gay friends, so it is clear he is practicing the grace and truth he preaches. 
As a result of being shown grace, he gives a wide-scope picture of the gospel and a very “piper-esque” entreaty to his listeners to remember that following Christ in all things is our highest joy. 
He debunks some of the common “pro-homosexual monogamous lifestyle” arguments found in the scriptures. And these are important, because even famous Christian recording artists like Jennifer Knapp and Ray Boltz have found refuge in churches deceiving and receiving actively homosexual (not those who are repentantly resting in grace and struggling) members.
And during his Q and A time, Chandler fields a question, “Can an actively unrepentant homosexual be a member of The Village?” He wisely answers, “No, in the same way that an unrepentant sexually active couple can’t join either.” 

Chandler wisely calls ALL people to regular repentance, and God has blessed The Village numerically. Because they are not afraid to actually practice church discipline-what one would consider a hindrance to growth-it sounds like God has blessed spiritually as well. We can all be challenged through his, “You come as you are, but just don’t stay that way” attitude (Titus 2:11-2).

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