Since Amy and I can’t get into So You Think You Can Dance and or America’s Got Talent, and we don’t get Tampa Bay Rays games on TV up in WV, we’ve been taking advantage of Netflix. Arrested Development is the show du jour, and we’ve been enjoying re-watching the series on-line.
If you’ve never seen the show, it’s about an incredibly dysfunctional family, and dysfunctional family business, both of which are held together by actor Jason Bateman. It only lasted three seasons, probably because it was too clever for Fox.
Anyhow, I mentioned my love for the show to our lead pastor Barret earlier this week. He was also a big fan, and then told me one of the main characters, “Buster,” was a fraternity brother of his at Samford. Then to prove it, he took down a picture from his book shelf of he and Tony Hale. Crazy.

Tony Hale is also a Christian, who is honoring God through his art. I’m glad we’ve got some brothers and sisters in Christ who’ve taken up this high but certainly hard calling. Good to see some folks truly being salt to the bland potato that is Hollywood.

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