The Timer

The other day I was browsing through the free movies we could watch on Netflix and came across one which sounded somewhat intriguing. So I convinced Amy that The Timer, described as a sci-fi/romantic comedy, might be worth watching. At least the price was right. And both ended up being quite true.
The Timer is a product made to look like something out of an apple store which counts down the seconds until you meet your actual soul mate. Provided your soul mate also gets a computer chip inserted into his/her arm, you can know with 100% certainty when you will meet “the one.” So ultimately it takes the guess work out of dating, and lets “fate” do its thing.
The film explores whether or not this Timer really is a good thing or not. It also raises the questions like: is there really “a One” for you and is a commitment to love someone as certain as a fate-reading device? 
Some characters divorce or refuse to get married because “The Timer” doesn’t confirm their match. Some characters question the validity of having a Timer (not its accuracy), and others are simply faced with the consequences of knowing their true love at a very young age. 
Here are a few of my takes on the idea of such a Timer.
1.) I’m not so sure there really is “The One” out there for you, and that if you don’t marry “The One,” your marriage will not be good. I think it probably causes unnecessary stress in dating and in marriage. I don’t think the idea of there being a “soul mate” or “a one” is a Christian theme at all, but rather quite pagan. That’s really a question with which the main character has to wrestle.
2.) To know the future in such a way, or to have to know the future in such a way is to live without faith. Living without risk is not only tantamount to living without faith; it is tantamount to an ungodly boredom in life. We can have enough certainty in life to relax, but we can’t expect 100% certainty in all things: even in the choice of a spouse. I think the movie does a good job dealing with the idol of certainty. Some love it, some don’t, but at least the idol is out in the open for discussion. 

There may be one or two scenes worth fast-forwarding, and the language at times is foul. However Amy and I found The Timer very unique, thoughtful, slightly humorous, and worthy of discussion. I do recommend it.

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