One of main theological emphases-I would say probably my Top 3-is that we are blessed SO THAT we can be a blessing to others. We’re not blessed so that we can simply revel in the blessing, contra the American mindset. Now I’m not an ESV “homer,” as some definitely are, but there is one very clear difference with Gen 12:1-3. This more recent translation than the NIV accurately takes into account the Hebrew purpose clause, connecting the blessing with the purpose of that blessing: “so that you will be a blessing. in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
Regardless of translation, the purpose of our blessing is clear. Richard Pratt, a former seminary professor of mine, recently preached a sermon called “How to be the Unfrozen Chosen.” I highly recommend checking this one out. It’s well illustrated, short, challenging, practical, and appropriate for the American, not just Presbyterian. Here’s the link for the church website, just look under the sermon title. The date is 8/29/10

When I started this blog post, I didn’t realize we would be having the blessing of a son today (obviously Lord willing). So I’ll be updating the blog with birth updates ASAP.

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