Epidural and Contractions

I was expecting to go on a men’s fishing retreat some lads at the church and I have been planning and working towards for the last few 5 months. Obviously the Lord had different plans this morning, and we’re now at the hospital, as Amy is being induced.  The amniotic fluids were too low for Cade’s liking.

Amy has had the epidural and is not in any pain. She’s having some contractions, so they’ve lowered the Petosin. Her Blood Pressure is getting lower and causing some light headedness, but they’re monitoring everything closely. 
If you are a betting person, the doctor has set the “Over-Under” at 10 pm. I’m praying for the “under” right now, but its hard to tell what will happen.  Vegas called me and they’re taking Cade plus the points. But who knows?
Just please remember to be praying for Momma and Baby. Thanks!
BTW: In case you think this blogging is insensitive or invasive or voyeuristic, please know that Amy is in favor and it gives you, our friends a chance to partner with us in prayer, as well as to share our joy.

8 thoughts on “Epidural and Contractions

  1. Bless you both! Amy is a brave woman to allow a camera and computer in the room! Remember Geoff, she WILL get out of bed again – you'd best very VERY careful what you post :)Grace, peace and much love to you all!Louis

  2. Louis, Glad to have you with us. As I remember, you were with us last time too brother. Hope you're doing well in DC.Amy's doing well with the epidural and checking her Facebook.BTW-Connar is always talking about snook now. I guess I probably need to start wearing smallmouth shirts, since 90% of my T-Shirt wardrobe is SNOOK!

  3. Jeremy,Hey man. Thanks for the offer. I was going to call Jena to drop Connar off, but didn't have her number on the way home from the hospital. So the Campbells are watching him now. I think I have someone picking up my Mom from the airport, but will keep you posted brother!We'll take you up on the COnnar offer when our reinforcements leave bro.

  4. I think this is SO offensive and irresponsible. You should not be putting such sensitive things in front of my. I should not have to be made to think about such private affairs. I am shocked. Shocked.And I'm hoping for a speedy delivery.

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