One Favre worth pulling for

I’ve never been a Brett Favre fan, except when he played against the Bucs toward the latter part of his career and he would throw a bunch of interceptions. Now it has come out that he has allegedly sent picture messages and inappropriate voice mails to Jets employees while he was with the N.Y. Jets. Once again, Favre has done nothing to make me pull for him. At least I don’t have to live with him.

But I do consider myself a Deanna Favre fan, who now who has to live in the wake of his selfish behavior. Check out this snippet of an interview on Good Morning America. She leans on her faith to get through this rough patch in life and marriage brought on by yet another Brett Favre interception (though this one was off-the-field). She discusses the importance of her faith. And it is not a generic American faith, but faith in the God of the bible; she quotes Isaiah 41.

At least there’s one Favre I’m pulling for.

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