missional mothering

I came across this thoughtful piece on “missional mothering” at the Resurgence website. I always want to keep upholding the mission of motherhood. Of course, as someone who has to regularly recruit children’s ministry volunteers, (many of whom are young mother) I’ll probably have to soon eat my words.
Here are a few of my takes on this:
1.) This is a great reminder to men and women on the importance of mothers.
2.) I’ve found that if mothers can serve the church while at the same time ministering to their children, it is a win-win. They can minister to their children while they are blessing to the church. For instance serving in the infant nursery when you have an infant, toddler when you have a toddler, teaching the Sunday school age group that has your child, etc….

3.) Your children are your mission-field for a season, as this article so correctly states. But lets not forget “for a season.” To ultimately ignore the mission field of your neighborhood is ultimately to neglect the mission field of your home. Who will care about mercy, missions, evangelism, if we don’t instill that in them from a young age?

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