When you just can’t sing….


The other day I had the chance to speak for chapel at Bradenton Christian School. My audience was Kindergarteners-5th grade and those little jokers paid better attention than many adults I’ve tried to teach before (not saying its always the listeners fault though!).

Before I got up to speak, we spent a little time singing. I was in the back so I couldn’t tell how much my Kindergartener was “participating.” I was holding my 3 year old boy Cade, as I swung my hips to the music. Just kidding. No swinging or swaying, that I can remember.

Yet I do try to have my kids participate in what they can. Since they haven’t mastered the whole reading thing, I’ll often softly speak the next lines when they are simple enough. I did that for a song with which Cade has some familiarity, I believe it was 10,000 Reasons.

No dice. Cade just didn’t have any “song” in him that day. So I simply held him as I sang. He rested in the arms of his father, knowing he didn’t have to sing. I would hold him regardless. And it was I who sang for him. Who sang over him, even when he didn’t feel like singing. And strangely, or maybe not so strangely-the gospel flips everything on its head-that was enough. Just being there.

I think its always a good thing to sing, even when you don’t feel like it. Bless the Lord O my soul. Sometimes you have to sing to tell yourself what is ultimately true. And often what you sing has the power to shape what you see.

Yet there are times when there is simply nothing in the tank. And it is at such times that we don’t want to show up to a church, much less sing.

Still, the church is the best place for us. Still, even when we don’t want to sing. I think sometimes, when all you’ve got in you is to stand, or sit, among brothers and sisters in the faith, that’s enough. When there is no gas in the tank, picture your Heavenly Father holding you. Singing over you. Even dancing, as crazy as that may sound (Zeph 3:17).

His voice is enough for the both of you.

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