Tuesday’s Pics

I just figured out that the computers here at Lagniappe take the storage cards in our cameras. So I thought I’d post some more pictures today.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned much of is the relational component of the ministry here. Yesterday we met the homeowner’s father. It turns out that he is a big fisherman and loved to share his secrets on trout and redfishing in the area. Unfortunately we won’t have time to try them out. But just listening to this man was truly a blessing for him.

In addition we talked with some plumbers who had to ride out of their house on a boat during Katrina. They eventually came back to their house, and just rebuilt it one room at a time. There are so many stories and so little time to share. Hopefully we’ll get the chance when we get back. The kids have done a great job, and of course the adults as well. I’m blessed with this crew; I really am. Hope these pics give you an idea of what you’re praying for.

If not, then here is the standard prayer outline we’re following. Thanks!

1.) Us-needs of the team
2.) Lagniappe church-that operations continue, and ministry increases
3.) Kingdom-God’s Kingdom=His will and reign through reconstruction efforts and humble Christ centered community, and all of life and culture here

By the way, that’s Budweiser water we’re holding. Relax, its just water!

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